I am a Norwegian-Canadian artist living in Winnipeg, Canada and also the Art Librarian at the University of Manitoba.

I have always been interested in formalism and the communicative value of  line and colour.  Although my earliest works from 20 years ago have their roots in collage, the Russian Constructivists, and Frank Stella,  the later works — with their spirals and vortexes, have grown out of my interest in the folk tradition of Norwegian rosemaling.  Here the act and process of rosemaling has further defined the formalist issues in my work.  I am also interested in the use of pattern to control and direct the gaze of the viewer.

Using the language of Modernism, I have continued to explore my concern for  “energies” and “forces” and the psychology of the painted line.  Abstract painting has predominantly been associated with the masculine qualities of the optical, rational and heroic, but I am interesting in demystifying these values and want to metaphorically promote the decorative, fluidity and the feminine in my work.  I will continue to explore Nature and organic abstraction and to work with feelings and impulses, until these become ideas and subjects, which do not overtly reference popular culture.