Stemningsmaleri/Moodpaintings Exhibition Brochure

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This exhibition is a culmination of my 6 month sabbatical from November 2011 to the end of April 2012. During this time, my work has continued to be about “moodpaintings” and trying to create an effect with the visual language of paint– through colour and the physical structure of paint. Using waterscapes as my starting point, I have played with perspective and pattern — culminating with fragmented colour segments that are anchored, but at the same time exist in a shallow space.  The end result, is reconstructed abstraction.


3 Responses to “Stemningsmaleri/Moodpaintings Exhibition, University of Manitoba, January 2013”

  1. Mary Jo Hughes Says:

    I love your website. Beautiful background and your recent project sounds wonderful. I think you need to try to get an exhibition in Norway!!!

  2. Barb Flemington Says:

    Okay, there is no sentence with “Meanwhile…” as I suggested, it is “Furthermore…” oops! Barb

  3. […] My exhibition at the University of Manitoba opened on Jan.30, 2013. The show beginis with the moodpaintings and then several reconstructed moodpaintings or “reconstructed-abstractions.” See Stemningsmaleris Exibition. […]

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